Wayfaring Traveler
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Rocky Mountain Homestead
Blessed and cursed with a lightning-struck life Wayfarer has traveled the planet wide open to adventure. The fifth generation of a fierce lineage of frontier Texas women, she inherited a passion for land and stewardship. Well-mentored, she learned grandmother skills and herb wisdom. Years later that legacy served her well when she became suddenly homeless on an island in Maine.

Her diaspora led westward, finally to the Rocky Mountains. With or without a roof overhead she stood witness, and wrote the journey. 

She has honed her storyteller skills by listening to elders, reading aloud to children, classical singing, and performing in small time big roles: Lady M in the so-called "Scottish Play"; Kate in "Taming of the Shrew"; Dulcinea/Aldonza in "Man of La Mancha."

A holistic nutritional and herbal specialist, she ran a 70 acre organic farm for 10 years, and is still planting, as gardener, writer and storyteller. Her academic journey traversed many fields including a B.A in History; Master's in Botany & Medicinal Chemistry.

I had a farm, an organic farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains 
of Virginia. Friends who loved it called it Magic Valley---curving into another world of bright-water trout streams, rich bottom land, flower meadows and woodland, their fragrance rising to meet you.

How would it be, I’d wondered, to circle the arc of solstice and equinox living as an earth-whisperer, not a brutalizer? How to steward land, and leave it richer and more beautiful?

Was I young and foolish, starting up an organic farm, and trying to do it alone?  That would be a strong maybe. 
But was I a fool, to try? 

Young Wayfarer kneeling by Great-Great-Grandmother, who came West in a covered wagon.
Before her bolt-from-the-blue rite of passage across a continent, Wayfarer had already established a writing venue of wellness & expose' articles at  feastandfamine.blogspot.com 
For years her readers have also explored Wayfarer storytelling at   wayfaringtraveler.blogspot.com
​Read of her connecting the dots & her people adventures at both.