Wayfaring Traveler
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The Wayfaring Traveler Story  

My thanks to Cassandra Leoncini   www.TwoEaglesAstrology.com   for her intuitive, 
creative, and editorial guidance in getting this site up. 

Just Published ~ A bodacious Mother/Daughter collaboration 
The Wayfaring Traveler Trilogy
Now Available !
Wayfarer has traveled the world in a rich, long life.  
She's sunk roots in the fertile soil of her Blue Ridge Mountain 
organic farm, in pink granite of a Maine islandAcadia, and the 
Rocky Mountains of the wild Southwest.  
carpe diem sort of life, and what mattered finally?
 Meet-your-eye-people, truth in a handshake, 
the call of the wild, and seize-the-day.

Now you can adventure with her, curled up with a book!
Book Cover Photo Credit: 
Geraint Smith

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Jeremiah, the Bald-Headed Blue Jay

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