Wayfaring Traveler
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The State of the Planet as told by a real human being...
By BobK 
August 24, 2014

        Ever wonder what the canary in the mine might have said BEFORE keeling over?
        In giving their lives, those birds saved others who couldn't detect the danger that would soon take theirs. Earth-Whisperers is a rare chance to hear from the canary.
        Experts on radiation know that our seafood is greatly endangered; much of it now dangerous to consume. Want to discuss GMO's? Or, pesticide-laden produce? Here's a look up at these threats from the ground of gardening and the one whose hands are in the dirt.
        Without screaming, without shame or blame, Wayfarer's story-telling instantly reminded me of something I'd been missing: the weaving of events and people from an organic, natural, way-it-really-works, point of view into highly listenable stories about who we are. 
        Every day we make the choice between life and death. We do it shopping, driving, talking, voting, viewing, reading and imagining.
        Just maybe, the Earth is moving into a near-death experience - like the author upon being assaulted from above and below with toxic chemicals. Earth-Whisperers is a moving reminder that we each get to choose and our choices are now nothing less than life or death.
        The fact that some recipes for foods, remedies and planting are included is just a bonus. 
        I think Wayfarer would say we all are Earth-Whisperers. The question the book poses in subtext might be, "What are you whispering to the earth?" The message we offer comes quickly back in what we breathe, eat and drink. Reading how love and respect for trees, plants, people and critters deeply affects them all is a hint at what's possible for us.

Lush, Beautiful...
By Prospecting Bear
October 17, 2013

For years I have enjoyed Wayfarer's musings, a wonderful opportunity to visit with a kind, thoughtful and extraordinarily talented writer - 
a uniquely singular voice with boundless overtones.

By Divedeeper
​October 31, 2013

How long has it been since you snuggled up warm and comfy and listened to a really great story teller while slipping off to dreamland? One that not only makes your imagination soar and stirs your heart with tales of kindness and courage, but also opens your eyes ever wider to the veneer of distraction and misdirection the masters of the planet have smeared over almost everything which we come into contact?

The Wayfaring Traveler's latest edition continues the original's tradition of short stories as vast and varied as the planet, yet subtle and nuanced as a master craftsman's finishing touch. A life affirming book to share and treasure.

One of the great authors of the 21st century...
By Kim Taos
March 24, 2014

(Note from Wayfarer.  This dear friend is now on her next great journey. Godspeed, RIP.)

Wayfarer..............I happened to meet Wayfarer when she had first come to the "high lonesome" and I was like the priest in her story “Autumn in the Rockies.” My mind said, "Who are you? I want to talk to you.” Wayfarer is the 'real' thing. We are so glad that she just happens to be a writer. Wayfarer's writings are reminiscent of Mark Twain, Thoreau, Steinbeck, mixed with Sarah Orne Jewett and Willa Cather. Anyone who still believes in right and wrong and neighbors and the stars and the wind must read her books. Wayfarer will be one of the great authors of the 21st century. 

Wonderful read, extraordinary insight...
May 5, 2014

Wayfarer’s first book is a collection of intimate, important, truthful tales that offer many gifts and many reminders. Her family’s knack and need for storytelling have remained strong over the generations, the now-printed words alive with whimsy and surprising accuracy – moments that catch you off guard with, “I never thought about it that way, but yes, yes, yes!”. The experiences in these pages ranging from cushy-cozy life to thousands of miles of homelessness, the wake-up call to listen to our planet from someone so personally in-tune with it, the encounters with extraordinary people on all walks of life, the quiet moments of connectedness in all respects – all remind you of the gifts and responsibilities of being alive.

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Wayfaring Traveler:  Whale Rider of the Tide
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A bodacious Mother/Daughter collaboration from a lineage of storytellers, a woodland tale of bullying, love and family,
of Jeremiah and Jemima Jay!
"Love of a good story, and of nature, and the five water colors for Jeremiah Jay came to me as gifts from my mother.  I found the Jeremiah illustrations after she had passed.  She did so love birds and their bright freedom on the wing.  My gratitude goes out to the readers big and small who love picture books and keep storytelling alive."  ~Wayfarer
Jeremiah, the Bald-Headed Blue Jay